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New Beginnings for 2017

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Be sure to tune in to our NEW Podcast and join our
fast growing audience to hear inspiring conversations
between successful horsemen and western influentials.

The holidays are over and coming soon is the season for filing Income Tax Ė some things you just can't escape! My personal highlights for 2016 include two magazine covers and a NEW Podcast production, Fun and Fast Times, available on iTunes and the Better Horses Network. My goal as host is to facilitate inspiring conversations between successful horsemen and western influentials. We now have over 6,000 listeners per month! Thank you to our guests, producer Debbie Wood, and Ernie Rodina and Al Dunning at the Better Horses Network. We're having a great time and look forward to you tuning in.

Home Page Feature
2016 Cowgirl and Herlife cover artwork.

The fabulous Rolling Hills Equestrian Center in Corning, California remains the home of the Western Camarillo Classic, while the Eastern Classic moves to its new home at the prestigious C Bar C Expo Center in Cloverdale, Indiana. As we enter our 26th year of Classic production, we have some great new venues and proudly welcome three new award sponsors: Equibrand, Montana Silversmiths and YETI Coolers. Be sure to check our Classics website section for updates and information.

Our complete Spring Clinic and Horse Fair Schedule is online. It's time to start the year out right by replacing old equipment, organizing tack rooms and establishing new riding and competitive goals aimed for success at whatever level you and your horse may be. From round penning your two year-olds, to correcting moves that may have affected the outcomes of your 2016 competitions, itís a great time to see whatís new in technique and equipment. Investing in great performance evaluation and tune up can certainly be a key for successful outcomes.

At every level of training and competition, we all need to be reminded of the winning quotient that comes from balancing inspiration, mentorship and goal setting, three of the most important aspects of success. Know where you want to go with your careers and hobbies, set milestones along the way to acknowledge achievement and effective planning and preparation, and reestablish your short-term, mid-range and long-term goals to help focus where you want to go and to reinforce your plan to begin the journey. Letís call it GPS for Great Performance Scheduling!

Thank you to Reinsman for adding the all NEW Team Camarillo Saddle to their prestigious line of saddles and equipment. It's been great fun working with Storme to design a saddle that literally sounds PLOP when its placed on horsesí backs. Be sure to check us out for complete Reinsman customizing options. Speaking of options, at Courts Saddlery whatís old is new again and still The Best Seat in the house! The traditional best selling original Sharon Camarillo Saddle, which I hear from riders all over the country that is their favorite for fit and performance, has been slightly modified and is once again available at Courts Saddlery! I call it the Camarillo/Courts BRX for Barrel Racing Extreme. Both saddles can be viewed online at the Barrel Racing Superstore or you can contact Debbie Wood direct 530-521-4644 for options.

I know many of you have big plans for the New Year. Life is short and it's time to get busy! We look forward to helping you maximize your 2017 training and competitive goals!


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